MAINPRO® credits

As professionals, family physicians are obliged to remain current on advances and trends in medicine and health care delivery. This is achieved through participation in a variety of activities that constitute continuing professional development (CPD).

MAINPRO® credits are one way that family physicians can receive credit for participating in CPD activities.

MAINPRO® Credit Opportunities

The UBC Family Practice Program provides clinical faculty with a number of opportunities to obtain credits through the completion of modules and workshops. See below for a list of opportunities, and contact your Site Faculty for Faculty Development for more information.

Complete our Precepting 101 series, which includes eight short online modules, covering everything from preparing and orienting a new learner to assessing in clinical medical education.

Credits: 2 credits (or 0.25 for each module).

Develop your skills by completing one-hour, interactive workshops (which are accessed through each site’s Site Faculty for Faculty Development). Module workshop topics include:

  • Planning for Learning
  • Observation and Feedback
  • Writing Field Notes
  • Learner-centred Teaching
  • Performance Assessment
  • What Do Adult Learners Want?
  • Diagnosing the Learner in Difficulty
  • Supporting the Learner in Difficulty

Mainpro-M1 Credit: 1 credit/workshop

Note: Other modules may be offered as part of Postgraduate Faculty Development events, such as the Teacher’s Toolbox and Okanagan Orchards. Find out more through your Site Faculty for Faculty Development

Preceptors now have the opportunity to complete a CLINICAL TEACHING CERTIFICATE.

Upon completion of the certificate participants will be able to:

  • Describe and apply competency-based approaches to teaching and assessment;
  • Integrate core teaching skills into practice; and
  • Reflect upon their teaching to identify areas for ongoing improvement

To earn a Clinical Teaching Certificate (Mainpro-M1 credit up to 8.0), applicants must provide evidence of the following:

  • Successful completion of all five (5) core Family Practice Faculty Development modules (Planning for Learning, Observation and Feedback, Writing Field Notes, Learner-centred Teaching, and Performance Assessment)
  • Successful completion of at least one (1) of the following additional Family Practice Faculty Development modules:
    What Do Adult Learners Want?, Diagnosing the Learner in Difficulty, Supporting the Learner in Difficulty

Upon completion of the above 6 modules fill out the Clinical Teaching Certificate application form

For more information on MAINPRO® credits, as well as other CPD services and programs, visit the CFPC’s website.