We require all candidates to satisfy the following criteria:

  1. CCFP certification, or
  2. Eligibility for CCFP certification (current or expected to be obtained within the Enhanced Skills (ES) residency year); that is, a resident in their final year of FM residency, or a physician who is practice-eligible to sit the CFPC certification examination during the ES residency year.

Applications will be considered and approved in the following priority order according to training time and training spots available:

  • Licensed physicians practicing in British Columbia for a minimum of 6 months seeking to develop enhanced skills to meet an identified community need.
  • Physicians straight from a UBC residency program with an interest in a particular area of enhanced skills where there is a clear and urgent identified need (eg. addictions medicine) with or without links to a specific community.
  • Out-of-province requests (Please note: The postgraduate programs of the Department of Family Medicine do not accept Visa trainees)

Application Process

Application Materials

  • Completed Enhanced Skills Application Form

Application Form for Enhanced Skills Training

  • Current Curriculum Vitae
  • Personal Letter, stating reasons for desiring enhanced skills, the skill area desired, the amount of training time requested, and identification of specific community need
  • 3 Letters of Personal Reference in support of the requested training (may be mailed/emailed/faxed directly to the Enhanced Skills Program office or included with the application package)
  • Letter of Community Support (from hospital Chief of Staff, Chair of the CHC etc.) identifying the need and confirming the willingness of the community to utilize the skills of the physician once acquired. This letter is helpful but not absolutely required.

Please send via mail, email or fax to Lindsay Gowland, Enhanced Skills Coordinator, and Dr. Tina Webber, Enhanced Skills Program Director.

Application Dates & Deadlines for Prospective 2019-2020 Residents


All Other Programs Open: July 1, 2018
Year of Added Competency in Palliative Medicine: October 15, 2018
Clinician Scholar Program*: November 15, 2018 via CSP Application
All Other Enhanced Skills programs: November 15, 2018

*These programs have their own application form/requirements. Please see their respective Training Program descriptions.

If the application deadline has passed, please contact the Enhanced Skills Program office as there may still be training time available.

Selection Process

Candidates will be selected based upon their personal merits, commitment to their community, and ability to meet community needs. Letters of support from members of the community (regional health board, hospital CEO, etc.) and local physicians, confirming the need and affirming support for the candidate in pursuit of these skills will usually be required.