Training Programs

Category 1

Category 1 programs are those in which the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) has established national standards for curriculum and training.

This program is generally based in Vancouver-area hospitals except for a community rotation in Whitehorse, Yukon. There are three positions available each year (July-June).

A brief outline is as follows:

  • Adult anesthesia: 2 blocks each at Vancouver General Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital, Lions Gate Hospital
  • Pediatric & Obstetric anesthesia: 2 blocks each at BC Children’s Hospital and BC Women’s Hospital
  • ICU: 1 block at Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster, BC
  • Community Rotation: 1 block in Whitehorse, Yukon
  • Anesthesia Elective: 1 block

Residents are required to pass each rotation. Oral and written examinations are given twice per year.

Dr. John McAlpine
Program Director

Jill Delane
Program Assistant

This program is a continuation of the CCFP Residency Program and is designed to meet the needs of the physician who wishes to acquire extra skills in Emergency Medicine. Graduates of the program are anticipated to act as leaders in emergency medicine with a major commitment to emergency care and teaching, regardless of where they practice. The program, though very clinically based, has a strong academic component. For the incoming 2019-2020 year, 2 of the CCFP-EM positions are based in Nanaimo, while the remainder are based at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver.

Please refer to CaRMS website for the application process and deadline. Physicians interested in this program should obtain all information/application as early as possible.

Dr. Rob Saona
Program Director

Phaedra Bennett
Program Assistant

Do you have an idea for how to improve practice, health care delivery or any aspect of community-based primary health care?

The UBC Department of Family Practice is pleased to offer two-year, part-time, Clinician Scholar positions for family physicians in family practice scholarship starting July 1 each year. The Clinician Scholar Program is one of seven across Canada. These positions are Category 1, Enhanced Skills residency positions, accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC).

We will help you to develop your research ideas into  scholarship. Our program includes scholarship related to:

  • Developing and conducting research
  • Community engagement
  • Contributions to education
  • Knowledge translation
  • To support the development and enhancement of core scholarship skills
  • To cultivate scholarship within family medicine
  • To contribute to the knowledge base of family    practice and primary health care
  • To engage practicing family physicians in conducting  scholarly work
  • To foster innovative, interdisciplinary, community-based scholarship
Program Structure
  • Clinician Scholars work with their identified Family Practice faculty research mentor. The CSP Mentorship Agreement guides the level and type of support the Clinician Scholar will receive. This is a requirement to apply to the Clinician Scholar Program.
  • Overall facilitation of the program is the responsibility of the CSP Director, Dr. Wendy Norman, with the oversight and guidance of the CSP Steering Committee.

For more information, please visit

Dr. Wendy Norman
Program Director

Selynn Yeap
Program Coordinator

The mission of the Health Care of the Elderly residency is to promote the education of family physicians to enhance their competence and confidence in health care for seniors. Our goal is to develop leaders, teachers and researchers in elder care in the community. Training may occur in Vancouver or Victoria.

This program includes defined objectives for each rotation, including the requirement of a completed research project:

  • family practice, assessment and treatment program
  • geriatric medicine
  • geriatric psychiatry
  • palliative medicine
  • rehab objectives
  • electives and time for research project.

All applicants are encouraged to discuss their interest in applying with the program director prior to submitting an application.

Other training locations and shorter training periods in geriatrics (no research project required) are possible.

Dr. Conrad Rusnak
Program Director

Tamar Haytayan
Program Assistant
Phone: 604-827-4395

Six-month advanced obstetrics surgical skills training is available at Surrey Memorial Hospital. The goal of this program is to train physicians who are intent on practicing in rural communities to be competent in performing C-sections. A telephone or in-person interview will be required.

Dr. Maged Bakhet
Program Director

Lindsay Gowland
Enhanced Skills Coordinator
Phone: 604-822-0869

Please visit the Division of Palliative Care site for application information.

The program is for physicians seeking added competency in palliative medicine, and would be suitable for:

  • family practice residents who have completed their two year residency
  • specialty residents who have completed three years of their residency, who wish to incorporate a year of palliative medicine as part of their residency experience,
  • practicing physicians (whether family physicians or specialists) who intend to focus their career on palliative medicine.

Upon completion of the program, the physician will be able to provide primary and consultant palliative medicine services, including the education of medical students and physicians. There will also be a solid foundation should he/she wish to pursue an academic/research career in palliative medicine.

The resident gains extensive knowledge, skills, and clinical experience in pain and symptom management, psycho-social and spiritual dimensions of caring for patients and families facing terminal illness. The program is based primarily in Vancouver or Victoria, but there will be opportunity to gain palliative medicine experience in other BC centers. The resident will have experience in palliative medicine units, acute care hospital palliative consultation services, the BC Cancer Agency, and community hospice programs.

There is an academic research project during the one-year program, and there is a variety of elective options available, depending on the specific interests of the resident.

Dr. Anoo Tamber
Program Director

Kathryn Inman
Program Assistant

Enhanced Skills offers a primary care Sports and Exercise Medicine year of training. This is a comprehensive training program to create expertise in the assessment, management and ultimately prevention of sport and exercise concerns. The endpoint is the creation of community leaders in this relatively new area of medicine. There is 1 position per year.

Dr. Jason Crookham
Program Director

Lindsay Gowland
Enhanced Skills Program Coordinator
Phone: 604-822-0869

Category 2

Category 2 programs are those in which training is tailored specifically to meet the objectives of individual residents. Note: This menu is not an exhaustive list.

In order to provide enhanced training for physicians interested in developing clinical skills in addiction medicine, the Urban Health Research Initiative at St. Paul’s Hospital is pleased to offer postgraduate training of 3 to 6 months duration. The program aims to provide hands-on learning opportunities across the range of inpatient and outpatient addiction medicine venues. Trainees will develop enhanced skills in the area of opioid substitution therapy, inpatient and outpatient chemical dependency treatment and detoxification and chronic pain management. Trainees will interact with other addiction medicine fellows and can explore opportunities for enhanced training with specific populations (e.g. tobacco, alcohol, opioid addicted individuals). In addition to strong clinical skills training, opportunities to develop research and leadership skills will also be prioritized.
For more information on Addiction Medicine Medicine Training, please refer to the BC Centre on Substance Use,

Please contact the Enhanced Skills Coordinator Lindsay Gowland if you are interested in applying to this program.

This program is designed to prepare licensed physicians to undertake clinical and/or public health work in a resource-limited international setting.  It also provides opportunities for enhanced learning local global health, including refugees and new immigrants.  The program consists of 4 months of Vancouver-based clinical training, live courses, online Global Health resources, in addition to participation in the Global Health journal club; the remaining 2 months will consist of a single placement in an approved, UBC-affiliated resource-limited, international site.  The clinical placement can be extended beyond the R3 program at the resident's discretion and pending site approval.  The overall program objectives are defined in terms of the CanMEDS competencies; the resident will be expected to define a set of shorter term learning objectives tailored to individual interests and goals to achieve within the 6-month training program

For more information about the program, please visit our Global Health Enhanced Skills webpage.

It is recommended that those who are interested contact the program co-directors prior to applying:

Dr. Videsh Kapoor
Dr. Ali Okhowat

All Program Co-Directors can be reached at

In order to address the lack of experienced physicians in HIV/AIDS, the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS is pleased to offer a 3 month postgraduate training program. The primary objective of this comprehensive program is to enhance the provision of HIV care to patients in BC, especially for primary care physicians working in limiting settings. The resident will be trained at a wide variety of clinical sites, encompassing inpatient and ambulatory training where they will participate in the primary care of the HIV patient and be exposed to a multidisciplinary approach in the management of HIV/AIDS. This program has been developed as a partnership between the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and the UBC Enhanced Skills Program.

Dr. Silvia Guillemi
Program Director

Yasmin Gill
Administrative Assistant

The University of British Columbia offers one position for 6 months of R3 Enhanced Skills in Hospital Medicine training and mentorship in integrated hospitalized complex patient, family and system-centered healthcare. Our residents work in the context of a multidisciplinary team with the Hospitalist having the leading role in managing patients with multiple co-morbidities, and providing a skilled resource to transition of care by meeting the patients, families, hospital and community needs.

Our R3 level trainees are mentored by faculty with focused practices in in-patient care as hospitalists, and by faculty from various subspecialty training programs. This training opportunity represents one of the pathways for obtaining the Provincial Hospitalist Medicine Clinical Privileges.

Application process

The application dateline is December 1st, and training will usually commence on March 1 or July 1 of the following year. Starting dates may vary depending on the availability of vacant positions.

Shorter training periods in hospital medicine may also be available depending upon availability and capacity.

Dr. Diana Stancu, MD, CCFP
Hospitalist Royal Columbian Hospital
Program Director, R3 Enhanced Skills Program in Hospital Medicine

Dr. Tina Webber
R3 Enhanced Skills Program Director

For more information about training opportunities in Indigenous Health, please contact us directly.

Dr. Terri Aldred
Program Director

Carlea Remodo
Program Coordinator
Phone: 250-370-8980
Fax: 250-370-8016
RJH-Coronation Annex
CA205-1952 Bay Street
Victoria, BC V8R 1J8

Three month training positions are available at BC Women’s Hospital for added experience in obstetrics.

Please contact Dr. Tina Webber, Enhanced Skills Program Director for further information.

The BC Cancer Agency’s (BCCA) General Practitioners in Oncology Program offers a flexible eight-week Preceptor Program to enable physicians outside major urban centres to strengthen their oncology skills and enhance care in their communities. For more information please visit the GP Oncology Program website.

Contact: Jennifer Wolfe


Shorter training periods are available in Palliative Medicine at various sites, depending on individual goals & objectives.

Please contact Dr. Tina Webber, Enhanced Skills Program Director for further information.

This is a three-month program, aimed at practicing physicians and new residency graduates wishing to offer enhanced skills in Women’s Health to underserviced areas of British Columbia, that:

  • encompasses a broad selection of Women’s Health disciplines
  • incorporates focused time in two individually chosen areas of skill development
  • offers the opportunity to spend two weeks in a Women’s Health focused clinical practice
  • provides training oriented around specified learning objectives
  • provides regular supervision and support

Dr. Unjali Malhotra
Program Director