Current Residents

Over the course of your time as a Family Medicine resident at UBC, refer to these pages to review policies and guidelines, learn about rural rotations and resident awards, explore wellness resources, and more.

Policies & Guidelines

Review policies and guidelines on everything from registration and reimbursement to resident education funds.


Learn about the different types of resident scholarship projects, and find requirements for each.

Rural Rotation

Find information on rural rotations, including details on the selection process and FAQs.

Assessment & Evaluation

Learn about how you will be assessed and evaluated over the course of your time as a resident.

Behavioural Medicine

Learn about  Behavioural Medicine curriculum and learning objectives.


Interested in being a resident representative on a committee? Find out more.


Explore a list of awards available to Family Medicine residents.

Resident Wellness & Safety

Find contact information for emergency and non-emergency services, and explore wellness resources.

Exam Information

Learn about the Certification Examination in Family Medicine, MCC-II exam, and find preparation resources.

Licence to Practice

Find information on how to obtain the CPSBC certificate of licensure to practice in British Columbia.

Resident as Teacher

Find out how we’ll help you help others learn during your residency.

Resident FAQs

Find answers to commonly asked questions.

Site Specific Information

Access detailed information and resources specific to your training site.