Video Recording

The UBC Department of Family Practice regards the confidentiality of the patient-doctor interview and the student-teacher interaction as sacrosanct and inviolable.

Consent must be obtained from all parties before recording — digitally or by tape — interviews between residents and patients, faculty and patients and residents and faculty preceptors. You may capture both the patient and yourself on the recording.

The consent of the patient will be written and kept on file. The consent of the resident and faculty member will be implicit in that the taping was allowed.

It is the responsibility of the resident to ensure such consent is given before any recording occurs. The purpose of the recording and who will be viewing the recording must be explained. (i.e. only my preceptor and I will view this.; only my site director and I will view this etc.) Four video reviews per year is a mandatory minimum.

All recordings will be erased when the educational experience (viewing, seminar etc.) that they relate to has occurred.

If a recording is to be stored, because of educational merit, further written consent from the patient, resident and preceptor must be obtained and will be kept on file with a note of the educational purpose of the stored data.

All recordings will be stored and transported in a manner that will not allow inadvertent viewing by other parties.

All recordings digitally stored, will be stored on a device that is password-protected and only allows authorized viewing and access. (i.e. a personal flash drive). Never use a smart phone for recording.  For more information see the Video Recording FAQ .

All recordings must be erased when they have no further educational purpose.  For information on how to conduct a video review, see the links below.