Academic Resources

Academic Resources 

Residents can have the equivalent of 16 hours/month protected for academic teaching and learning. Please alert your preceptor regarding academic events and time that will need to be protected for this activity. Adequate notice is essential.

The program encourages you to choose a variety of learning formats. Listed below is a menu of options for various academic activities and resources that you can access while on your rural rotation. These options are consistent with Mainpro+ expectations which will continue throughout your career. Reflection around your choice of activities will take place at periodic reviews.

Group Learning

McMaster Modules:
McMaster Evidence Updates:
Internal Medicine Journal Club:
Rural Emergency Medicine Journal Club:


Journal Reading
Online Modules
Rural Podcasts:
Family Pharm Podcasts:
BC Cancer Agency Webcasts:
Emergency Ultrasonography Video Lecture:


SIM Lab Sessions: Discuss with your preceptor whether there are any SIM sessions scheduled during your rural rotation.

SOO practice: You are welcome to practice SOOs while in your rural site. Discuss this with your preceptor and contact your site coordinator for sample cases that can be emailed directly to your preceptor.

SAMPS: Your home site will facilitate 2 SAMP practices per year; one in the fall and one in the spring. These are mandatory. If you are on your rural rotation at this time, arrangements will be made for you. Check with your site coordinator.


Lectures: Discuss with your preceptor whether there are scheduled lectures occurring during your rural rotation.
Rural Rounds Videoconference:
Hospital Rounds
Academic Half Day: Videoconferencing may be available. Please contact your site coordinator to inquire.
The Rural Kelowna site will periodically offer videoconferencing to AHD. You will receive advance notice of these sessions.
Virtual AHD Library: We are working on creating a virtual library of recorded AHD sessions that we can host through our Intranet. More details will be sent as this progresses.

Your home site has a comprehensive academic program which runs throughout your two year residency.  When you are at your rural site you will be away from this program.  It is your responsibility to be sure you have addressed the topics and activities you miss. Please consider:

  1. Attending your Site’s academic days by videoconferencing if this technology is available
  2. Watching/reviewing academic sessions which have been recorded at a latter time
  3. Noting the topics or experiences missed. You can address these on your own with independent study
  4. If you miss a procedures day or other hands on experience, contact you Site curriculum lead to review how this could be made up