CFPC Short Answer Management Problems (SAMP) EXAM

The CFPC written examination is comprised of short answer management problems (SAMPs) designed to test a candidate’s recall of factual knowledge and problem solving abilities in the area of definition of health problems, management of health problems, and critical appraisal.

Visit the CFPC website for candidate guide, web demos, SAMP instructions, and exam information.

The Short Answer Management Problems (SAMPs) are intended to measure a candidate’s problem solving skills and knowledge in the context of a clinical situation. The SAMPs are based on a random selection from the Priority Topics and Key Features document.

Self Learning Modules: 6 modules per year are available from CFPC.


PROGRAM-WIDE SAMP PRACTICE  is held twice per year (spring and fall) at each site. First and second year residents write the practice exam.

The Assessment and Evaluation committee is responsible for the content and process of this exam prep event. Every attempt is made to have high quality SAMP questions. The setting is to mimic the security, consent and professional obligations of the real SAMP

The practice SAMP has 8 questions, and anticipate a 60 minute writing time.  All sites are asked to provide time to review the questions with the Resident group (estimate one hour).

The purpose of the review is for residents to:

  • Identify gaps in your understanding of how to answer a SAMP.
  • Identify gaps in your knowledge
  • Provide us feedback to improve the quality of the SAMPs in our SAMP bank

The mock SAMPs have been reviewed for up-to-date content.  They are, however, not intended as a ‘study tool.

As with the actual SAMP, residents will be asked to sign an agreement of confidentiality. Most sites have the residents mark their own exams, or mark with a “buddy”, to discuss answers. The purpose of the review and marking of this exam is a formative moment for the resident to guide future studies and to better understand the unique process of answering a SAMP.

There will be an invigilator (faculty/preceptor) selected by each site. Individual results are shared with the Site Director and possibly the Site Faculty for Assessment and Evaluation. Sharing is done to help inform your learning plan as part of your periodic review.

De-identified results from the exam will be sent to the Program Office for program evaluation purposes.

More information can also be found in the SAMP Instructions for Residents document. This document is sent to all residents prior to writing the practice SAMP exam.