The CFPC exam includes simulated office orals (SOOs)  – more information can be found on the CFPC website. Sites offer SOO practice throughout the year. Contact your Site Director or Assessment and Evaluation site faculty for information.

Before you attend a Practice SOO at your site:

Ensure you have read, in addition to the 3 articles on Patient Centred Interviewing (see below), the following:

SOO Instructions to the Candidate

Ways of practicing this skill in your day

The SOO is intended to mimic a typical (although condensed and focused!) patient visit to your office. Reflect on the components of the patient centred interviewing skills you reviewed in the above articles.

Each time you see a patient in your regular daily activity – practice one component:

  • an efficient social history
  • a subtle FIFE,
  • an integrative statement. Etc. (video/audio links TBC)

Consider bringing a particular segment of your Video Observation to your preceptor to work on a specific area of your interviewing technique for further hints and tips.

  • Ask your preceptor for Field Notes/Feedback on any component of your patient centred interview.
  • Centre your next direct observation around your interview skills.

How to approach a SOO



  1. Reading the following articles on Patient Centred Interviewing:
    a. Part 1:Understanding Patient’s Experience
    b. Part 2:Finding Common Ground
    c. Part 3: Five Provocative Questions
  2. Consider reading sections of Patient-centered medicine: transforming the clinical method., 2nd ed. Stewart M, Brown JB, Weston WW, McWhinney IR, McWilliam CL, Freeman TR. Radcliffe Medical Press, 2003. ISBN 1857759818.
  3. Attend any presentations during your Academic time or at other times on the SOO exam.
  4. Attending your sites Practice SOO events. Your site will aim to have up to 12 practice scenarios in your 2 years.
  5. Practice patient centred interviewing in your every day encounters with patients. See below.
  6. Read through some of the practice SOOs on the CFPC website  – and host a resident run Open SOO using the marking scheme.
  7. If you are an R2, ensure you are part of any training for or practice at “being an examiner” for the R1 cohort at your site.
  8. If you are on a rural rotation and will miss a practice SOO event at your home site: contact your Site Coordinator to see if there are any Practice SOO events that may be hosted near you.

There is no guarantee that you will be accommodated as these events take lots of preparation and resources for any site are scarce. The sooner you let your plans be known, the better chance you might be accommodated.