Assessment & Evaluation

Family Practice Residency Program Policies & Guidelines:

When there are multiple preceptors involved in a resident’s evaluation, it is the responsibility of the individual completing the evaluation (as designated by the site director) to solicit and collate the opinions of other observers. If the observers are not unanimous on the decision of pass/fail in their assessment of the resident, the individual completing the evaluation is to notify the site director prior to completing the evaluation.

Approved by PGEC July 13, 2010

It is the expectation of the program that evaluations be completed in a timely manner. The site director will identify an individual responsible for completing the evaluation of the resident on each rotation.
Evaluation forms (WebEval or paper-based) are to be sent to that evaluator at the beginning of the rotation to allow for discussion of objectives and documentation of the mid-point evaluation. Mid-point evaluations are required for all rotations of four weeks or longer. In addition, any resident with unsatisfactory performance on a rotation of any length must receive a midpoint evaluation in writing.
Final (“summative”) evaluations must be completed and discussed with the resident by the end of the block rotation or every three months for longitudinal rotations. In the event of incomplete evaluations, notification will be sent out every two weeks reminding the evaluator of this requirement. If, after two such notifications, the evaluation has not been completed, the site director will contact the evaluator.

Approved by PGEC July 13, 2010

UBC Postgraduate Medical Education Policies:

Please see the section titled 'Evaluation, Remediation, Probation, Appeals' on the PGME Policies & Procedures page,