Scholarship Project

There are four main requirements for the scholarship component of the residency program.

TCPS Online Ethics Tutorial

E-mail your tutorial completion certificate to your site coordinator by September 30th (for most sites).
*TCPS will be accepted if completed previously

SPARK at York University Academic Integrity Module

E-mail a screen shot indicating 100% completed to your site coordinator by September 30th (for most sites).
*SPARK must be completed again in residency even if completed previously

To find out more about Academic Integrity visit:

Quality Improvement Process (QI) or Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Project

This project is usually due at end of your family practice block in your first year. Email your QI or CQI to your site coordinator and your site faculty for research.

Resident Scholar Project

Due dates for the abstract, paper and oral presentation are listed on Resident Scholar Project timeline page. Please note, there are several intermediary steps (including submission of a proposal to your site faculty for research, submission of an ethics application to relevant REB(s)), which have associated due dates that you need to be aware of.