Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)

The Distributed Health Research Methods Course is an online course consisting of 13 modules of research topics. All residents will have access to this course so if you wish to learn more about specific research methods pertaining to your project, you are welcome to watch the videos and do the readings for the specific module in which you are interested. The site is currently hosted on Canvas.

The purpose of this course on Entrada is to facilitate ongoing improvement in the EBM component of our program in our distributed site program. The course is designed to provide improved access to educational and assessment material for both residents and faculty. Access to this material is provided to all residents and EBM teaching faculty in the program and its use will encourage greater self – directed learning and improved EBM competence based on the CanMEDS FM scholar competencies and the UBC EBM curriculum objectives. The course is also designed to encourage greater collaboration of residents and faculty. To access this course click in here.

To access the W.I.C.K.E.D. online modules click in here.

The Fresno Quiz is hosted on Entrada in here. Faculty can request the site's results via email to: residency@familymed.ubc.ca