Medical Humanities

Method and Written Report Guidelines

Art and literature are very effective ways to communicate ideas, especially when exploring the cultural, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our human existence.   Many residents have developed talents in creative writing, art, music, dance, photography, or drama and some in the past have been able to express ideas related to family medicine through their art.

A resident should provide a short written or oral interpretation of their artistic production to explain how it relates to Family Medicine.  Artistic and literary productions will be judged with the help of post-secondary Fine Arts Faculty according to standards appropriate to the medium.

Some previous examples of artistic production:

  • Visual art, video, or multi-media display:  (Eg. quilts expressing the doctor’s experience as patient)
  • Performing art:  theatre, interpretive movement, musical performance (Eg. a one-person play about a resident’s experience as a patient on a psychiatric ward)
  • Creative writing: novella, short story, poetry (Eg:  a short story about the immigrant experience in the Canadian health system)

For more information, see Interdisciplinary Arts

For an overview of Medical Humanities Scholar Projecta, see Dr. Sarah de Leuuw’s video.