Resident Scholar Project

computer-researchA Resident Scholar Project is a thoughtfully researched and creatively presented original work, grounded in Family Medicine, that you share with your colleagues, and that demonstrates your competence in many of the CANMEDS-FM skills as Scholar, Expert, Communicator, Manager, Collaborator, Health Advocate, and Professional.

You are encouraged to work with others on a joint project in teams of 2-4. Collaboration often enhances creativity. Teamwork often results in more impressive results when individual talents and passions are pooled.

Your Resident Scholar Project should reflect at least 40 hours work (or approximately 10 half-days) per Resident involved. This is protected time that you can arrange to book off with your site coordinator. Note that this time must be used before the final manuscript is submitted.

It is expected that you will start work on your project in your first year of Residency and complete it before the end of your second year; the final manuscript will be due February 28 (link to timelines) You will be expected to present your project on Scholarship Day or perhaps at another venue and time if your residency is not finishing in June.

Please read Requirements of a Scholar Project for more information about how your project will be marked and the consequences if your Project is deemed to be not satisfactory or not completed on time.

Every UBC Family Practice Residency Site has a Site Faculty for Research who is there to help you with your project. It is important to contact your Site Faculty for Research early on (by the end of first year Residency) with your ideas and tentative plans for your Scholar Project. You will also have a budget of $200 per resident available to pay for project expenses. Doing a team project will give you more funds to spend on the project.

A Principal Investigator is required to supervise your project. If you are having trouble connecting to a PI, please contact your site faculty. We also suggest you browse our repository for project ideas and potential PIs. The password is available from your site faculty for scholarship.

To download an overview of the Resident Scholar Project, please click here.