Resident Awards

Listed below are the awards available to Family Medicine residents. These awards are presented during Scholarship Day.

Awards are presented by the CFPC to recognize the leadership abilities of outstanding senior family medicine residents from each Canadian University Department of Family Medicine.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. Senior family medicine residents (2nd or 3rd year) at the time of nomination.
  2. Demonstrated interest and skills in areas such as health care policy/economics, government/media relations, advocacy and representation on behalf of patients, peers or healthcare organizations;
  3. Interest in further enhancement of leadership skills within organized medicine.

Award recipients will be invited to attend the Family Medicine Forum (FMF) the following year and to participate in special events during FMF, including a Medical Student & Family Medicine Resident Leadership Workshop and a special session with Canada’s Family Physicians of the Year. Each Family Medicine Resident Leadership Award will consist of complimentary registration and $1,000 to offset travel and other expenses to attend FMF. Those unable to attend FMF will receive a $250 award.

The nomination committee is comprised the site directors and program director. The recommendation needs to be forwarded to the College of Family Physicians by first week of June.

This CFPC award is to recognize a top First Nations, Metis or Inuit resident in Canada who has shown a commitment to a career in family medicine.

The award recipient will be invited to attend Family Medicine Forum (FMF) in Montréal, November 8-11, 2017, and to participate in the Medical Student and Family Medicine Resident Leadership Workshop, as well as other special events for students and residents at FMF.

A maximum of two letters of support from faculty members addressing the nominee’s skills as a leader and orator must be included. One of the reference letters must be from a preceptor of the elective in Indigenous health (preceptor may or may not be Indigenous themselves) and/or scholarly project supervisor indicating leadership in the area of Indigenous Health. These letters of support are an important component in the selection process and should include sufficient information on your candidate’s leadership skills to support the nomination.

A selection committee comprised of residents (R1) and faculty representatives is asked to identify their nominees for the award.  The recommendation will be forwarded to the College of Family Physicians by the first week of June.

Up to 5 $2,000 grants available to recognize and encourage family medicine residents to become involved in the planning of patient education. Residents must apply directly to the CFPC Honours and Awards Program.

Residents can apply online at

The CFPC Family Medicine Resident Awards for Scholarly Achievement recognize outstanding academic accomplishments by family medicine residents (R1, R2, R3). These awards are intended to stimulate family medicine research and innovation in education.

Nominations will be made by Program Director and Lead Faculty for Scholarship based on residents’ written projects and presentation.  Nominations will be submitted online to the College around the middle of June.

The chairs and research directors of each family medicine residency program will identify the most outstanding research project from their program.  From among the nominations, two awards will be selected by the CFPC Section of Researchers and be presented to recognize family medicine residents (R1 or R2) for excellent research carried out and completed prior to June 1 of the year.

The recipient of each award will deliver a presentation during Family Medicine Innovations in Research and Education Day, held in conjunction with Family Medicine Forum.  The awards will be presented during the Section of Researchers’ Annual Dinner.

This CFPC award recognizes exceptional resident-led, community-based research that focuses on the prevalence of health disparities that are found in either remote rural Canadian communities or underserved outer city areas outside of the urban city inner core. Residents of these areas are faced with onerous challenges ranging from: low income, limited access to family medicine clinics, low government or employer benefits, and public transit challenges making it difficult to obtain the necessary health care and social services.

Candidates for this award can be nominated or self-nominated. This Award recognizes completed research that has produced rigorous evidence related to the health disparities prevalent in Canada’s outer city and rural communities as a first step towards the development of applicable strategies to reduce such prevailing health care disparities.

The deadline is March 1, 2017.

One award will be given per site. This is awarded to a first-year resident who has demonstrated interest and excellence in teaching. Recommendation for this award will come from site faculty members and the director at each site.

A $1,000 award was created by Dr. Arthur and Judith Dodek in honour of Dr. Morton Dodek, a graduate of UBC's first medical class in 1954, who spent many years as a full service family physician and exemplified commitment to family medicine.  The award is offered to a resident who demonstrates care, competence, and compassion in their pursuit of providing care to underserved and vulnerable populations.  The recipient will demonstrate this in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Sought out opportunities to provide care to underserved and vulnerable populations.
  2. Translated current knowledge on best practices providing other caregivers with guides to best practice.
  3. Mentors, encourages and teaches others in providing care to these populations
  4. Develops new knowledge by reflection, assessment and/or research into the care of underserved and vulnerable populations.

A $1,000 prize is offered in honour of Dr. John J. Zack who practiced full service family practice including obstetrics and well-honoured member of the CFPC.  The recipient will be an outstanding second-year resident demonstrates:

  1. Leadership in the form of advocacy and representation on behalf of patients, peers or healthcare organizations.
  2. An interest in the CFPC by participating in events or organization either nationally or in the provincial chapter.
  3. A plan to practice full service family medicine, including obstetrics, and has sought out experiences and designed their residency to maximize their ability to achieve this goal.

This award is funded by the Lloyd Jones Collins Foundation for outstanding Scholarship Project as chosen by Family Practice faculty. The Lloyd Jones Collins Foundation, under the directorship of Dr. Goertzen and four associates, granted its first annual Resident Research Awards in 1999 and continues to generously support family medicine residency research and faculty development.

Residents can apply for a $2,000 research scholarship award that aims to assist in the publication of their scholarship papers.

This research grant is unique in that it supports NEW researchers to complete a pilot project or research project in the domain of women’s health.  It is ideal for a first year resident beginning to plan for their research project in second year.  The grant amount is for up to $2,500 for residents and $5,000 for a FP practitioner.  The application process involves two steps: submission of a letter of intent in March followed by a full application in May.  Successful LOI applicants are offered  mentoring through the Women's Health Research Institute to assist in preparing the full application. For more information go to:

The knowledge translation grant awards up to $2,500 to assist in the publication of a research project. There is no deadline for this grant.  Applications are received at any time.

The Department of Family Practice Community Geriatrics is offering two $500 awards to second year residents who demonstrate excellence in scholarly projects related to care of the elderly. The award is to support research and scholarship that contributes to geriatrics within the discipline of family practice.  The award will be selected from among the final projects submitted by R2’s in June.

This information is specific to resident awards. For information on faculty awards please visit our current faculty awards section.